Hire a certified and professional Chef to prepare a delicious meal in your home.


A platform to connect with and hire a certified and professional chef.

Our mission is to revolutionize and redefine the food industry by creating a community of local Chefs with a passion for their craft and connecting them to diners seeking a personalized, enriching dining experience beyond the walls of a typical restaurant.

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Clear Profiles

Chefs and Customers can create awesome profiles for peer-to-peer booking.

Filtered Search

Search by Chef service, price, cuisine type, and more to find the perfect Chef for you.


Fair hourly rates as low as $25/hr and no customer fees.  

In-App Chat

Securely chat with your Chef so you can ask questions, customize dishes, and more.

Service Variety

Hire a Chef for meal prep, cooking classes, catered events, or dinner experiences.


Each Chef passes a thorough screening process including background assessments.


MyTable has the potential to be something great - almost the natural next step to services like Butcher Box, Blue Apron, etc."

I loved the dinner Chef Maegan cooked and I would absolutely recommend MyTable to anyone looking for a Personal Chef!

Compared to previous competitors like KitchenSurfing MyTable is batting 1000%

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