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You love to Cook

We find Customers

A Match Made In Heaven


Private Chef Services

Meal Prep

Prepare meals in bulk for your customers to make life a bit easier! Breakfast, lunch, or dinner


Become the life of the party! Handle the cooking for dinner parties, weddings, and more.

One-Off Meals

Want to cook on the go?  Take requests in 3 or more hours for a same-day & rewarding service.


Becoming A Private Chef

Step 1


Submit an application HERE to begin your career as a Private Chef with MyTable!

Step 3


Start building & customizing your profile to showcase your skills as a Chef! Build your schedule, menu, and more with your very own profile.

Step 2


Complete a background assessment, upload food safety certificates, and any supporting documents of your culinary career or experience.

Step 4


Once you have submitted & properly completed all necessary requirements and have had a interview with a MyTable team member you are now free to start cooking for your customers!


Private Chef Tiers


50-75$ /hour

Have formal and professional cooking experience either in a restaurant or personal setting.  Significant formal culinary training including culinary school

Comfort Cooks

25-50$ /hour

Our hidden gems! Comfort Cooks are extremely talented and passionate home cooks who have tons of cooking experience and enjoy sharing recipes with others.


75$+ /hour

Chefs with extensive culinary training, professional experience, as well as noticeability.  These Chefs are the top of the line and can work with a multitude of ingredients and cuisines.

As a Chef that has worked in numerous positions within my industry for many years, my first experience working as a Chef for My Table has more than exceeded all of my expectations. 

Not only was this a challenging, fun and rewarding experience, it allowed me to utilize my skills and creativity to the best of my ability, and it was a joy to be able to communicate directly with the client and guests. Knowing that I had the full support of My Table throughout the entire process made it even better.

The entire concept that My Table has created is absolutely brilliant. They provide a unique experience for both client and chef. With today's busy schedules and limited time, they offer a client the convenience and ease to enjoy a chef prepared meal in a more intimate setting without having to go to a restaurant that may not meet their

I am honored to be affiliated with My Table and look forward to their continued success!



We'd love to cook for you.

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