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Whether you lack the time to cook every night or you are tired of making the same thing every week, our Chefs can change the way you eat by prepping meals for the week or cooking a fantastic dinner any night right in your kitchen.

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We promise to connect Chefs with specialized areas of expertise to Diners looking for a customized, enriching food experience wherever there is a kitchen.


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Nancy T.

I had a lovely, lovely evening.  Rather than working in a hot kitchen on a hot and humid night, I relaxed on the deck with my guests... At 7pm, as requested, dinner was served by Chef Sammy.  My warmest thanks to MyTable for a delightful evening.

Andrew P.

Chef Josh was great and the food was delicious!

Caitlin S.

I just wanted to thank you so much for all that you and MyTable have done for me! ... I loved the dinner (Chef) Maegan cooked and I would absolutely recommend MyTable to anyone looking for a Personal Chef!

A more rewarding way to eat.


Bring the restaurant experience into the comfort and safety of your home on your schedule.


Work with a Chef to create meals that fit your nutrition plan, support your goals, and allow you to feel confident in what you eat.


A variety of price points to ensure that nobody is priced out of eating well.

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