Frequently asked questions

What services do MyTable Chefs provide?

  1. Meal Prep:
  2. Cooking Class:
  3. Dinner In:
  4. Catered Events:

How does pricing work?

Each Chef charges a per person cost per meal as well as an hourly rate for custom meal experiences. Prices are clearly listed on Chef profile's as well as recipe pages.

Who provides the ingredients?

Diners have complete control over the ingredients used in the recipe and are responsible for paying for any necessary ingredients to be used in the recipe. MyTable Chefs will help with shopping and ingredient procurement when asked.

How do I know the Chef I hire is safe?

Each Chef who desires to cook on the MyTable platform passes a thorough screening process including the following: 1. Background Assessment 2. Food Safety Certifications 3. Interview Assessment Diners are free to ask Chefs directly for any additional information such as resumes or references.

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