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Private Chef Services

Meal Prep

Hire a Private Chef to cook meals in bulk for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Making eating regular meals a little easier.


Hire a Private Chef to prepare food for your next event or dinner party. We'll cook so you can enjoy hosting!

One-Off Meals

Hire a Private Chef - no commitments or strings attached.  For the day you really don't feel like doing anything or go anywhere.


Private Chef Tiers

Looking for a caterer?

Comfort Cooks


Our hidden gems! Comfort Cooks are extremely talented and passionate home cooks who have tons of cooking experience and enjoy sharing recipes with others.

Casual Dining


Have formal and professional cooking experience either in a restaurant or personal setting.  Significant formal culinary training including culinary school

Fine Dining 


Chefs with extensive culinary training, professional experience, as well as noticeability.  These Chefs are the top of the line and can work with a multitude of ingredients and cuisines.


Hiring A Private Chef

Step 1


Use the interactive map to search our Chef roster.  Once you find the perfect Private Chef begin the Customer Intake form.

Step 3


Once we have received your Customer Intake form our team will build you a custom Meal Summary to review and make any changes.  

Step 2


Submit the Customer Intake form to get started.  Provide details such as desired Chef (optional), dish or cuisine type, number of people, and location.

Step 4


Once you are satisfied with your Meal Summary and no further changes need to be made submit payment to be put in contact with your own Private Chef. 

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for all that you and MyTable have done for me! ... I loved the dinner (Chef) Maegan cooked and I would absolutely recommend MyTable to anyone looking for a Personal Chef!"



We'd love to cook for you.

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