Cooking in the personal setting;

Is a Better Way to Live.



We are working with Chefs and Home Cooks to create healthy career alternatives to pursue their passion in culinary.

Learn more about the benefits of a career as a Personal Chef on the MyTable marketplace!

The MyTable Benefits.

Career Control

Cooking on the MyTable marketplace allows Chefs to be in complete charge of their culinary career and experiences. Create your own profile that highlights:

  • Your customized menu
  • Your set hourly rate
  • The schedule chosen by you

With MyTable, you decide when to cook, where to cook, what to cook, and how much $$$ to cook for!


Building a culinary business on the MyTable marketplace fits seamlessly into any schedule. You decide when you want to work and build a schedule that works for you!

Chefs can signify that they are:

  • "Cooking Live": Ready to take immediate orders!
  • "Resting":  Take a break and accept only future reservations


  • Cooking in personal kitchens and for private parties provides a higher average salary than other industry jobs.
  • Reward your passion with not only more money in your pocket, but more enjoyable customer engagement.

What Our Chefs Say.

Chef Josh

Executive Chef

"It was perfect. They did their thing and I did mine. I have no problem interacting (as you can see), so I can entertain as well. Matt (Founder) has a great vision for the MyTable concept. I've personally done work with Matt & the MyTable team and it is well worth it."

Begin your culinary career with MyTable now!