The FRESH new way to eat.

You'll love what we're cookin'

We find that our customers prefer a more rewarding dining experience while still in an affordable and convenient way.

MyTable Personal Chefs allow our customers to:

  1. Eat delicious meals affordably!
  2. Feel very comfortable eating in their own home.
  3. Enjoy delicious food cooked by professionals

We strive to provide the best in-home dining experience in the world and will not give up

until our customers are completely satisfied with their improved dining habits.


Heard enough? Hire your own Personal Chef now!


Simple Ordering Process.

  1. Visit our talented Chef Roster.
  2. Review the Chef Profiles.
  3. Build a custom menu.
  4. Submit order!

Affordable Pricing.

No more getting upcharged.

Our network of Personal Chefs offer affordable solutions, tailored to meet all your dining needs.

Each Chef charges an hourly rate based on their experience level.

Convenient Access

You can access our talented roster of Personal Chefs on the go or at home! Hire a Chef online through our website


Download our mobile application for a completely mobile friendly experience. Launching in app stores August 2019.

Comfort & Security

The safety and security of our users is our #1 priority. We make sure the only thing you need to worry about is eating or cooking.

  • Each Chef has passed both professional and personal background checks
  • Chefs can easily see Diner's ratings/reviews so as to feel comfortable providing services

Chef Profile Types

Who could be cookin' in your kitchen.

  • Comfort Dining
  • Casual Dining
  • Fine Dining

Comfort Dining Chefs:

  • Significant home kitchen experience
  • Creative & delicious recipes
  • Extremely affordable price

Price: $25 - $40 per hour

Casual Dining Chefs:

  • Professional kitchen experience (restaurant or personal setting)
  • Strong knowledge of ingredients, flavors, and cuisine types
  • Formal culinary training

Price: $40 - $75 per hour

Fine Dining Chefs:

  • Extensive (10+ years) professional kitchen experience through leadership roles in either the restaurant or personal settings
  • Vast knowledge of various cuisines, ingredients, and culinary techniques
  • Significant formal culinary training

Price: $100+ per hour

How We Cook.

Delicious in-home dining with a Personal Chef is the dining revolution.

At MyTable, we make homemade dishes your guest will love! We can cater your next event, prep meals for the week, or even prepare last minute dinners. Cuisine options range from elegant and custom menus to vegetarian or cuisines catering to specific dietary restrictions.

On-Demand Meals

Hire a MyTable Personal Chef to come cook your next meal right inside your home up to 3 hours in advance!

Special Events & Catering

MyTable Personal Chefs will work with each diner to create the meal and event of their dreams.

Meal Prep

MyTable can take care of the grocery shopping and the cooking required to enjoy a healthy and delicious meal!

Putting hours back into your day.

Customer Testimonials

Connor B.

Meal Summary: Connor and his friends wanted a relaxing dinner before their concert. The concert tickets were expensive so they looked for alternatives to an expensive restaurant.

"MyTable was perfect for our pre-concert entertainment. We sat outside and relaxed while everything was taken care of for us. Thanks for everything MyTable & Chef Eileen!"

"Seamless experience from start to finish! Chef Eileen made us some delicious pork tacos and left the place spotless. While we relaxed and unwound, she was busy cooking up an array of meat, veggies, and garnishes - the same ones we find at our favorite local spots. I'd definitely recommend to any friends looking to have a great meal in the comfort of their own home."

Austin P.

Meal Summary: Austin and his friends were looking for a nice way to celebrate good times with a nice dinner party. However, Austin knew he wanted something different and a bit more unique.

"The chicken was outstanding. There was SO much food it was awesome - we had plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day. So cool to be able to hang with your friends while a professional cooks everyone a meal. I will 100% recommend MyTable to anyone I know."

Delicious meals at an affordable price right in your own home....


Food is the fuel of the body. Enhance your dining habits now with your very own Personal Chef to:

  1. Prepare last-minute meals
  2. Cook for your special occasion or party
  3. Provide weekly or regular meal prep services