A professional Chef right in your home;

The fresh new way to eat.

Hiring your own Personal Chef
in 6 simple steps...

Step 1. Search Our Chef Roster.

  • To begin the process of hiring a Personal Chef, review our Chef Roster online.
  • Download our mobile application for a completely mobile and user-friendly experience.
    • Available in app stores for iOS & Android devices in August.

Step 2. Build a Custom Menu

  • Select dishes from their pre-set menus on their profiles or suggest your very own dish!
  • Tell us how many people will be eating for the most accurate price estimate.
  • Our Personal Chefs will customize your menu to create the perfect meal.
  • Dishes listed on our Personal Chefs' menu will clearly show the time needed to cook and estimated cost.

Step 3. Select Meal Date

  • Select a day & time you would like to eat your meal to begin checkout process
  • Each Chef Profile lists his or her availability for the upcoming weeks for an easy selection process!

Step 4. Review & confirm your meal.  

  • Take a look at your order summary and confirm everything meets your expectations.
  • You can always feel free to add or remove things from your shopping cart.

And, as always, if you would like additional help planning or submitting your meal request talk to a Customer Success Manager now! We are happy to help.

Step 5. Submit Request & Payment

  • Submit your order and payment to reserve your very own Personal Chef!
  • Customers are required to pay a deposit to hold spaces on your Personal Chef's calendar.
  • You will be a sent a confirmation email summarizing all of the meal details including the ingredient list needed for the recipe(s).

Step 6. Prepare Ingredients

  • Diners are responsible for providing the ingredients needed for the recipe.
  • Exact ingredient list for your recipes are highlighted in the confirmation email you receive.
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Our Pricing



Stop being overpriced by restaurants for your favorite meals! Each of our talented Personal Chefs charge an affordable hourly rate.

With MyTable you only pay for the Chefs talents and cooking ability without worrying about being up-charged to cover restaurant expenses

  1. Restaurants can charge as much as 3x higher than the same meal with a MyTable Personal Chef

  2. The MyTable Personal Chef hourly rate starts as low as $20 an hour!


Meal Estimates

Fixed price for meals usually means you are being overcharged. Which is something we don't like! That's why, with MyTable you pay the following for your meal:

Cooking Cost (Hourly Rate) + Cost of Ingredients = HUGE SAVINGS

The MyTable team will send you a customized confirmation with ingredient lists, meal schedule, and estimated total cost which is based on the menu you build and the number of people eating.

***All prices provided by MyTable are estimates based on actual needed cooking time - final price may vary***

Interested in giving a Personal Chef a try?

Try our pricing calculator below to get your very own estimate!

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