• Matthew Kelly

3 Simple Ways to Make Eating In Feel Like Going Out

Dinner at home doesn’t always have to be dinner on the couch. As we spend more time at home, our eating patterns can start to feel a bit “stale.” Gone are the days of posting up at bars for a pre-dinner cocktails and frolicking out to restaurants with your friends and family. If you’re missing that experience, you’re not alone.

Undeniably, there’s something special about the hustle and bustle, excitement, and environment of eating out. Although many of our favorite restaurants are unfortunately closed, we shouldn’t have to miss out on those experiences entirely. We’ll simply have to adapt to creating restaurant-style adventures on our own.

We’re going to give you three easy DIY (do-it-yourself) tips on how to spruce up your home to make eating in feel a bit more like going out. Take these ideas and create your own restaurant-quality dining experiences while staying safe at home:

1. Change Up Your Location

Now more than ever, we could all use a change of scenery. That can apply to your dining experiences as well! If you feel like your dining table or living room are feeling a bit stale, try taking your meal outdoors. A simple picnic in the yard or park can be an excellent choice for an intimate, yet unique dining experience.

Some tips:

· Lay out a blanket and/or sheet to create a defined eating area (and to help with claiming your spot and social distancing if you’re in a park)

· Bring a cooler or container with ice to keep drinks and other perishable items cool

· Play some soft music from speakers or your phone to provide a nice ambiance and balance with the sounds of nature and everyday life

2. Set the Table

In our fast-paced life, proper table settings are usually never the top priority. But you’d be surprised at the immediate boost you get from professionally setting the table! It’s one simple but excellent way to improve the dinner atmosphere.

Besides setting the table with dishes, glasses, and cutlery, decorating the table is another way to enhance the scenery around you as you dine. Flowers, centerpieces, and candles all help make your dining experience feel fancier. Remember, non-scented candles are best: you don’t want to interfere with the fragrances of a nice meal!

3. Play with the Ambiance

A big part of going out to eat is the energy that comes with it. Little details – the busy kitchen, music choices, other diners around you – provide a very different ambiance from your usual at-home eating experience. Change up the mood in your home by playing a favorite playlist, music inspired by your favorite place, or sounds that take you to a whole new location. You could also try adjusting the lighting – lower the lights for a more intimate and restaurant-like feel.

The most important thing is that you have fun with it! Get creative and have a good time. These simple ways to spruce up your space are all to help you treat yourself, which is something we all deserve.

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