• Matthew Kelly

3 Ways MyTable can Help Chefs Prepare for Post-COVID Success

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” - Mary Anne Radmacher

Your MyTable community shares your pain. If you are among those who have lost their jobs and are wondering how they can provide for themselves and/or their families, we stand by you. Many of you have lost family, friends, or loved ones during this tragic period of our lives, and we empathize with you. As always, we at MyTable will persevere for our community of Chefs to continue providing career advancement opportunities.

Despite being presented with what may feel to be an insurmountable challenge, Chefs can rely on the MyTable community to help them continue to be courageous in their efforts to keep their businesses alive. The time will come when it is safe for the world to open its doors, and MyTable can be an excellent opportunity for you to maintain some normalcy in the meantime.

Freelance and independent Chef opportunities are becoming increasingly acknowledged by industry leaders as a valid solution for Chefs around the world. MyTable was recently featured by the Institute of Culinary Education as one of the top gig-economy apps for Chefs. The author, our friend Pamela Vachon, did an excellent job highlighting the benefits of being a Chef on the MyTable platform.

Below we’ve outlined some additional ways MyTable can help Chefs:

  1. Supplemental Income: Restaurant closures have forced millions into unemployment and has shifted the career landscape drastically. Working for your own clients independently can be a nice way to earn steady supplemental income. Chefs with MyTable earn well above the industry average in hourly rates.

  2. Flexibility: Don’t feel like cooking? Take the day off. Feeling sick? Get some rest and don’t feel guilty. Being able to practice your passion while not feeling overwhelmed or pressured by the demanding food-service schedule.

  3. Personal Engagements: For many Chefs, connecting with clients individually can be a wonderful way to experience some personal interaction. Working in the restaurant or catering industry does not always enable the human interactions we thrive on. With MyTable you can build strong relationships with your clients and enjoy spending time with the people experiencing your cooking.

Visit www.mytableapps.com/chefs for more information on how being a MyTable Chef can work for you.

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