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Healthy Eating & Healthy Food During Tough Times

In the past week I've watched the world get flipped on its head; people sheltering in place, restricted travel, worry of an overwhelmed healthcare system. Tom Brady leaves the Patriots and to be honest it seems as if all hell has broke loose. No matter the fact, we are still going to do what we can do to help. This week is a special and short edition of our regular blog to give you some tips on how to take care of your food and yourselves during these trying times:

1. Store Your Food Carefully

Believe it or not there is more strategy involved in storing your food than solely finding a good place to fit. Refer to the graphic below on how to properly store your food provided by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics:

^Via Eatright.org- Academy of Nutrition and Diabetics

2. How to Properly Wash Produce

If you think that just throwing some potatoes under a running faucet will protect you– boy are you wrong. Don't worry, that's what I thought up until I wrote this article... Here's how it's done as recommended by the FDA:

1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling produce

2. Cut away damaged or bruised areas before cooking or eating

3. Rinse BEFORE you peel

4. Gently rub produce under water (no need for soap; unless you have a potty mouth)

5. Dry produce with a paper towel to prevent additional bacteria from lingering

6. Always remove outermost leaves of lettuce or cabbage

Check out more at https://www.fda.gov/consumers/consumer-updates/7-tips-cleaning-fruits-vegetables

3. Cutting Boards

Think for a second... Does it sounds safe to use the same cutting board for your fresh fruit that you do to marinate your juicy steak? Yuck, nope. To reduce the chances of harmful bacteria via cross-contamination, it is a best practice to use a separate cutting board for cooked foods, raw meats, fresh produce, etc...

Sound like a lot? No worries; check out the infographic below for reference:

4. Safe Cooking Temperatures

This one should be a no brainer... But, for those who don't, or those who simply enjoy getting into quarrels with your grandmother on the correct color of steak– see the guide below:

5. Expiration Date Guidelines

I swear this gives me the biggest headache... Eat by, sell by, what's the damn difference??? This is a common question, so to adhere to food safety and preservation, refer to following graphic to see the storage life of certain foods in particular:

These are trying times, but we can prevail if we stay together, stay healthy, and stay smart. If you are having trouble either finding or preparing meals for yourself, your family, or anyone please contact us and we can find a professional and certified Chef to help.

Be Well! To yourselves and to each other.

- Matt, Founder & CEO