• Matthew Kelly

Top 5 Essentials for Traveling Chefs

Bringing the restaurant experience into the customer’s home requires a significant amount of planning to make sure everything goes according to plan. From creating menus, planning ingredients, all the way to preparing and serving meals, a MyTable Chef needs to be ready for everything imaginable.

One of the most important aspects of an in-home meal experience that a Chef needs to plan for is having the right cooking utensils. When it comes to preparing a meal, “a quality tool can make a big difference,” says Chef Cameron Stauch. After all, how can you cook when you have nothing to cook with?

The MyTable App makes it super easy for Chefs and diners to communicate about what kitchen utensils and materials will be available at the diner’s home. However, as a traveling Chef, it’s often essential to have your own go-to materials for handling and preparing food.

Here are our top 5 must-haves for traveling Chefs:

  1. Set of knives: Not every client will have chef-grade knives in their home. Instead of battling with blunt edges, which can ruin your presentation, come prepared with your own knives.

  2. Knife case/bag/roll: Always properly store and handle your knives! A knife case, bag, or roll is a safe way to travel with your knives

  3. Immersion blender: This small & convenient option is great for creating sauces.

  4. Cooking thermometer: Because who wants to eat undercooked chicken?

  5. Squeeze bottle: Add some extra-professional aesthetic to your plating. You can bet your client will want to take and share some photos of your work!

Do you bring all these items with you when you go to a client’s house? What other Chef essentials do you keep on hand as you travel?

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